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Fruit of the Forge

I collect playscale models of Engineering & Technology for use as props for my "troupe" of action dolls, which are, in turn, used as "lay figures."

a.k.a. Max_Poser
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Prince Charming
The Scarlet Pimpernel
El Zorro

The Lone Ranger

James Bond, 007
Cody Banks
Chuck Bartowski
Modesty Blaise
Abbey Chase, Danger Girl
Derek Flint
Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Jet Fusion
from Jimmy Neutron
Matt Helm
Cool McCool
Kim Possible
Austin Powers
Racer X
Natalia Romanova,
the Black Widow
a.k.a. Natasha Romanoff
Secret Squirrel
Maxwell Smart
James West
xXx/Triple X

Speed Racer
Roger Ramjet
& the American Eagles
The Rocketeer
Tom Slick

Steve Austin,
the Six Million Dollar Man
Jaime Sommers,
the Bionic Woman

Samus Aran
from Metroid video game series
Sgt. Calhoun
from Wreck-It Ralph
Major Motoko Kusanagi
from Ghost in the Shell
GoGo Tomago
from Big Hero Six [Disney]
Iron Man [Marvel]

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My Latest Techno-Crush!

GoGo Tomago from Big Hero Six

HectoTechnical Glossary


Abbey-: See JANE, below.

artiKen: n. An articulated [Mattel] KEN.

Dr. Andromache: (retcon) The cyberneticist responsible for the Bullet Man android and the Atomic Man prosthetics for fallen MOA, Mike Power.

Atomic Man: A 1970s-era "bionic" GI Joe, a.k.a. Mike Power.

Bullet Man: A 1976 superhero GI Joe.

Cam: n. a CGI Action Man, especially in his native extreme-sports theme, a.k.a.:

  • Alex Mann,
  • Action Man III,
  • AM3
  • HAM, Hasbro Action Man &
  • MAM, Modern Action Man.

Carsoni: n. A Kenwear (see) suit.

chrononautics: n. The science of time travel. [Gr. chronos, time + nautikos, navigation]
chrononaut, n.

chrononomy: n. The unseen constraints in the time stream that prevent the initiation of a temporal paradox. [Gr. chronos + nomos, law]

Cy-Girl: n. A cybernetically-enhanced member of the sextilienne spy agency, Cardinal-Garrison, by Blue Box Toys. Since their enhancements are indistinguishable, they are often used as general femfigs without regards to this backstory.

Cy-wear: n. Playscale female clothing that is science fiction-themed or otherwise superheroesque. [from the clothes typically standard on a Cy-Girl figure]

cyren or cy-ren: n. Any female cyborg with obvious enhancements.
[portmanteau cyborg + siren]

edisonade: n. A ROBINSONADE in which the protagonist develops a high degree of invention for contending with the elements [named for Thomas Edison].

GI Joe, 2010: series A "futuristic" series of Classic Collection GI Joes released in the early 2000's.

GK ?: title Shorthand for a "joe" or "jane" [see below] cast as a nerdy-type character (see GQ for some variations) [suggestive of geek].

GQ ?: title. Shorthand for a "joe" [see below] used as a male fashion doll, such as:

  • GQ DRAKE- A Dragon figure [Drake means "Dragon"],
  • GQ FITZ- A Soldier of the World figure [made by Formative International Toys],
  • GQ LUC- A Lanard Ultra Corps [L.U.C.] figure (aka GQ Lenny),
  • GQ PETE- A Power Team figure [from PT, shortened to one syllable, like "jeep"],
  • GQ SAM- 21st Century's Ultimate Soldier [from Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine],
  • GQ WALLY- A WalMart [Kid Connection] figure or similar generic.

Superspy-types, like Max Steel, are already GQ, so that would be redundant.

hecto-: pref. A sixth. [Gr. hektos] Not to be confused with HECTO- as it is presently used in the metric system, which should have been HECATO-. [Gr. hekaton, hundred] Used in:

  • hectocosm n. All things playscale [literally, the sixth(-scale) universe].
  • hectometric adj. Of 1/6th-scale, spec. non-figurative items [lit. "sixth-measure"].
  • hectophile n. A playscale miniaturist [synonyms PLAYSCALER].
  • hecto-technology n. 1:6 scale models of [real or imaginary] technology.

hyperskeletonics: n. a. Any electromechanical technology that enhances musculo-skeletal strength, including cybernetics/bionics, nanotechnology, exoskeletons and powered armor. b. Also, android/fembot technology and plate armor.

jane: n. a. Any playscale FEMFIG [female action doll], genericized from b. Cap. [Hasbro's] GI Jane, such as:

  • Abbey-Jane n. Any spy-genre "jane," sometimes referred to as Babby-Jane when based on artiBabs. [from Abbey Chase, Danger Girl]
  • Cy-Jane n. Any technically enhanced "jane," a.k.a. Maxine when based on artiBabs.

joe: n. a. Any playscale MANDOLL [male action doll], genericized from b. Cap. [Hasbro's] GI Joe, such as:

  • GQ Joe A fashion-themed "joe," esp. when based on Hasbro's GI Joe.
  • Kenny-Joe n. A [Mattel] KEN-headed "joe."

ken: n. Any playscale male fashion doll, aka a BEAU [genericized from the Mattel figure].

kenny-: pref. [Of MANDOLLS] Having a [Mattel] KEN head, such as:

  • Kenny-Max n. An artiKEN using the Max Steel body.

Kenwear: n. Playscale male civvies, esp. activewear. [originally created for Mattel's Ken (Carson) doll].

Max Power: n. A Real Heroes Action Force figure. It was a series of knockoff cyborgs (by Toy Things, 2008), found at Dollar General, known as a source of Max-compatible headsculpts [from their similarity to Max Steel & Mike Power, Hasbro's '70s-era Atomic Man].
A similar line, Maxx Fighter, Global Defender, was later sold at CVS Pharmacies (by Grandex Int'l Development, Ltd., 2013?).

Maxine: n. Any "jane" similar to or associated with Max Steel, esp. any artiBabs armed with (Mattel/Barbie) Mystery Squad technology (from the retconned notion that BMS is a team of supporting female operatives from N-Tek). Paris (of Lanard's I-Girls) is considered an honorary member of the latter. [fem. form of Max]

Maxwear: n. Max Steel-style clothing, regardless of source.

paranautics: n. The science of interdimensional travel, a.k.a. dimensionautics or dime-travel. [Gr. para(kosmos), adjacent (universe) + nautikos, navigation]
paranaut, n.

playscale: adj. Scaled at 1:6, aka fem. Barbie-scale, mas. [GI] Joe-scale [originally used for dollhouses]

powersport: adj. Of powered vehicles that are ridden astride, including motorcycles, jet-skis and snowmobiles.

sextilian: 1. adj. Of 1/6th-scale, esp. figurature [synonyms PLAYSCALE, HECTOMETRIC] 2. n. Cap. A 1/6th-scale figure, particularly a male one. [Lat. sextilis, "one sixth" + -ian]

sextilianist: n. A playscale figure miniaturist.

Sextilienne: n. A SEXTILIAN female.

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